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A Masters degree in computer science comprises of two years with 4 semesters.
The scope of Computer Science varies from the design of programming languages/ algorithms, to different models of computation, such as distributed, parallel and quantum computing, and the study of the limits of computation - what can we compute, what resources (time and space) are required. It deals with the understanding, design, implementation and usage and maintenance computing systems ranging in complexity from the components of a single processor to computer networks as vast as the World Wide Web. It includes both hardware and software, and encompasses a wide variety of practical techniques supported by a strong background of theoretical understanding. Below is the detailed syllabus of MSc Computer Science prescribed by the University of Mumbai.

1. Principles of Compiler Design-I 
2. Digital Signal Processing-I 
3. Mobile Computing 
4. Data Warehousing and Mining

1. Principles of Compiler Design-II 
2. Digital Signal Processing-II 
3. Computer Simulation & Modeling 
4. Advanced Database System

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Distributed Computing
  3. Elective I
  4. I Term
  5. II Term
  6. Project
  1. Image Processing
  2. Embedded Systems
  3. Elective II
  4. I Term
  5. II Term
  6. Project
  1. Parallel Processing, (I Term)
  2. Advanced Computer Networks, (II Term)
  3. System Security (I Term)
  4. Internet security (II Term)
  5. Enterprise Networking (I Term)
  6. Satellite Communications, (II Term)
  7. Fuzzy Logic & Neural networks (I Term) 
  8. Multimedia systems and convergence of technologies (II Term)
  1. Pattern Recognition, (I Term)
  2. Computer Vision, (II Term)
  3. Virtual Reality & Virtual Environment (I Term)
  4. Java Technology (II Term)
  5. Bio Informatics (I Term)
  6. Intelligent Systems (II Term)
  7. Optimization Techniques (I Term)
  8. Customer Relations Management (II Term)
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